Thursday, April 19, 2007

Letter from Management

Hi Everyone!

I'm just wondering if anyone has tried any of these recipes? Tell me what you liked, didn't like, which were gave good or bad instructions, or just a simple comment on how we can make the Caddywampus Cafe a fun place for you customers. I have somewhat been throwing out what I like to make, because it's my place, but if any of ya'll have anything good, email me and I will try to get it on here. If you send me enough and would like to contribute, I would love to have some contributors.


Management of the Caddywampus


Kevin leggett said...

Here's the prob Bob (who's Bob anyway?) My wife does all the cooking. I have on multiple occasions printed off a recipe only to lose it before I could get my wife to make it.

Kimberly said...

Cooking is a thankless chore, but imparative. We have not made the recipies as they are written, but they have proved inspirational. The three questions I must consider when preparing a meal are #1)is it gluten free? #2)is it kosher? and #3)will my kids eat it? #3 trumps all, even if I have to just make myself a salad and my family something else. Now that warm weather is approaching the Ohio valley and my husband has become an extrovert(I crap you not) wanting to entertain all the time, I would like to see caddywampus do a "Grillin'" series covering subjects such as rubs, marinades and grilling techniques.

massivetruth said...

how about an organic or no trans fat series?

GODrums said...

all good suggestions....I like the grilling idea....I do like to post about grilling and will do often.

the organic idea....not bad

trans fat? what's that?