Thursday, February 07, 2008

I wanna wok and woll all night....

Ya'll, Trader Joe's is the best. I have to declare that I did NOT make the orange chicken from scratch; however, I did prepare it. It's one of those "toss in the oven, microwave the sauce and toss together" meals.

The stir-fry noodles and veggies on the other hand....that was all me (with a little help from some store bought stir-fry sauce). I don't think I really NEED to tell you how I did I? Well I chopped up some of the veggies and put others in whole in a HOT oil in a HOT wok. Next, I added a little (too much...whoops) sauce and mixed well. Then, I put that in a bowl on the side, tossed in some left over angel hair from a couple of nights ago (with a skosh more oil) tossed in a quarter cuppa hot water then added the saucy veggies. Toss and serve. I even garnished it with some orange slices to make it look all purdy and such.


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massivetruth said...

I figured you guys would enjoy this. Definitely caddywampus worthy!