Friday, March 16, 2007

Ikea for food?

Yes, Ikea (yes, the furniture store) has some yummy food. Ikea is a Swedish owned furniture store for those of you not in the know and they know you'll be there for a while...or at least they plan on you being there for a while and they have a restaurant upstairs.

The best is their Swedish meatballs with steamed red potatoes and lingenberries. (I guess I'm going to have to give you this definition because I cannot find it on the esteemed "W".) Linginberries are like cranberries, but not as tart. You can usually get the Swedish pancakes w/linginberries at IHOP (a good place for pancakes). My favorite part is that once they get you hooked on these yummy little morsels covered in gravy, they have them in little freezers at the register with the gravy packets next to it..........."you mean? I can? HONEY! We can make them there meatballs at home...we ain't gotta go tuh IKEA just fer thu food any more!" (Insert redneck accent here....sorry...this is The Caddywampus Cafe afterall.)

I wish I had some right now....they make great leftovers......become a good Swede and take this test.......I got a couple of them wrong.....I figured them out though.

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