Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Inspirational Music For Cooking/Eating:DC*B

Any of you who do not know me, do not know that I am an avid, maybe a little unhealthy, fan of the David Crowder* Band. (why does he do that *? If anyone knows...clue me in) At any rate, there is a new album by said band, Remedy, which was released yesterday on the 25th. If anyone wants to gift me this record on iTunes, I would be very appreciative. Otherwise, I'll wait until I can do it myself. No biggie. That was really just a joke.....mostly. Anyway, he also has one called Sunsets & Sushi that would be cool to listen as you either ate Sushi or made it.

So, everyone go get Remedy and enjoy the coolness that is the David Crowder* Band.

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