Monday, October 08, 2007

Birthday Dinner!

My wife left me this weekend. She came back, but left me all alone to go on a church retreat with her mom. It was also my mother-in-law's birthday this weekend and my wife asked if I could get a box of cake mix and maybe dinner. I got excited! Since I started my new job, I have not really been able to cook like I enjoy.

After church, I went to the Stater Brothers to pick up a few things. I found London Broil on sale....mmmmmmmmmmm, bought a couple of zucchinis, a box of cake mix, bag o' salad, a cucumber and tomatoes (for the salad), a tube of pizza dough, and 7 ears of corn. (I think that's all I bought)

grilled pesto pizza

London Broil w/roasted garlic dry rub (salt, sugar, pepper, roasted garlic, a tad bit of orange juice)
Julienned Veggies (carrots/zucchini)
Grilled Corn on the Cob

Yellow cake w/chocolate frosting

I don't have any pictures, but the meat came out a little on the salty I figured if I just sliced it as thin as possible, you wouldn't get that salt crust and I was right. Maybe a little too much salt. It was really fun to create in the kitchen and the kids were really good while I was getting things ready. It was wonderful to have my wife home! I would never want to be a single parent and my hats go off to those who are....especially with more than one child.

Since I don't have any photos, I'll just post some Bobby Flay.

Doesn't he look like he's ready to be kicked in the crotch when the lady answers the door?


dpaulo said...

we should hang out, eh? when are you free these days?

Kimberly said...

pesto pizza....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
(I hated Stater Brothers! Too bad it was the closest store to our house. I DON'T MISS IT)