Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tips to remember when baking late at night

First of all, this is why I don't bake. Too much to freakin' remember. I've already got A.D.O.D. (Attention Deficit Obsessive Disorder...yes, I made it up)

OK, so I'm supposed to be making some damn cupcakes for my kids' pre-school/daycare Valentine's Party.....thought it would be cute to make them in this tray that J bought for another project. Tray is too shallow and it just wasn't working. So, I put the cake batter in a cake pan to make a cake....GREAT, not like I wrote anything down for Monkey #3's class....but it was in writing that I was bringing something for #4's class. I go to make the frosting and I realized I didn't buy enough butter......dammit! It's 11:30 p.m. I'm going to the store to buy some damn frosting......f-it! (sorry for the strong language)

By the way, the cake is from scratch and the batter tasted dang good.

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