Monday, July 23, 2007

Flat Bread Mania, don't ever watch Jack Bauer's hero, Bobby Flay. He'll make you want to try things that you really have no business trying. I did it and pulled it off.....barely.....none of the kids would eat it....well, the eldest did, but she may have just been nice to me about it.

I made Flat Bread dough and cooked "flat bread pizza" on the was cool. I wish I had taken photos. I did meatball, garlic and tomato w/mozzarella and did a bbq chicken pizza w/homemade bbq mulberry honey bbq sauce.

Check out Chef Flay's recipes for isn't really hard, just friggin time consuming. I swear I may have wasted my day just waiting on the stuff to rise. I think next time, I will add something to the dough to give it a little more flava-flav. (yeah, boi!) sorry...that was sad.

At any rate, I didn't turn on the Grill-master Flay today because I was running around like mad trying to get a bunch of stuff taken care of that I only got half done.

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