Friday, July 06, 2007

Caddywampus in your home

This 4th of July was fun. We, the fam-damily, went to Oceanside to my in-laws' house. They have a place in a retirement community called Ocean Hills and is pretty nice. It's like a self contained town....pretty cool, actually, which is better than the "retirement homes" that I'm used to seeing in my home town. Well, I got to cook for my in-laws in their home. I did not prepare all the food, but I did BBQ the ribs and corn and I also made a cobbler.

I started out seasoning the ribs with garlic salt, chili powder and pepper (coarse ground). Then they went into a 275 degree oven for 2 hours. Next we went to play paddle tennis and drove the boys around in the golf cart. (hey, we had to keep them busy) Then we went home, removed the hair from the corn on the cob so they wouldn't get all burned and just threw the corn, husk and all, on the grill. (LOL, I almost typed "on the girl"....ha!) While those started, I brought out the ribs and tossed them on the grill for about 5 minutes before slathering them down with BBQ sauce. (keep turning your corn to make sure it cooks evenly) Now, flip your ribs slather more sauce. Close grill and let the sauce set for a few minutes. Remove corn. Flip ribs once more, and turn off the grill. Let the heat set the glaze and remove from grill.

Serve with some homemade potato salad (mother in-law makes this very yummy like) and watermelon and salad and you have yourself a plate that you're so hungry to eat, you'll forget to take a photo. (hence, no photo).

Once you're all stuffed from that, who can even think of dessert? Well, since we made a special trip to the store, I cannot forget about it. I made a boysenberry cobbler. (see previous entry) It was good and the boys even ate their food.

With that being said, we went to the Legoland parking lot and watched their fireworks for $2 worth of parking.

It was a good 4th and I look forward to next year...........I think.

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