Friday, June 29, 2007

Boysenberry Cobbler...........looks good don't it?

Over here at "the wampus" we love us some cobbler. Usually I make peach, but my wife brought home two cans of boysenberries and a thing of vanilla ice cream.

You can find the recipe with the Peach Cobbler. It's the same, but I used boysenberries.....simple as dat.

Ya'll come back now, ya hear!


matt armendariz said...

Holy jeez man, I don't think I've ever wanted to dive face first in a cobbler as I do right this VERY damn second.

Cobber and ice cream, man......

Steph said...

You know? I did a Yahoo! search for boysenberry cobbler hoping to find recipes and I see this luscious tidbit.... with nary an instruction on how to make it.

I am now going to go cry in a corner for lack of this recipe.