Thursday, July 19, 2007

Top Chef: Howie??? I don't have time for a lot of links here, but if anyone watched Top Chef (my favorite show) Wednesday in the heck can Howie keep going up and down each week? One week he's a mess and the next week he's winning. Also, since when did he and Joey kiss and make up from their fight a couple of weeks ago.

The worst part about this show is how long it is taking them to get rid of the dead weight.

CJ is hardly even there.
Sara (non-Asian) is consistently bad, but not as bad as others
Dale is a dimwit that some how thinks he has what it takes.
Asian Sara just doesn't do well under pressure and they should put her out of my misery.
Thanks to the Holy Chef that fool from Mississippi got the boot the first week as well as the Rainbow Warrior with a Mohawk two weeks ago.
I think they're making the right decisions on who to shoo away, but it's just taking so long.
Heck, I even think Hung needs to go. I think that leaves Tre, Howie and Joey.....oh and Casey....but who gives a rat's butt about her....she's consistently bad too.

I'm not saying I could do any better than these people, but they're the ones going on the show. I'm still practicing for The Next Food Network Star. HA! (I'm working on my cupcakes....I hate making desserts -unless it's a cobbler)

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ArtfulSub said...

I've got to agree on the dead weight. Double eliminations would speed things up. And, assuming there really are RULES to this game, you could send Hung packing for violating those.

I don't know of a single Professionally Run restaurant where running with a knife-in-hand isn't grounds for dismissal.