Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Good Dessert/Sharp Spoon

Sunday night....hungry for sweets.........whaddya got?
"I got vanilla ice cream"
what else?
"I got some peanut butter"
Now yer talkin'
So, I took a luvin' spoonful of loverly peanut butter, dropped it into about 3 or 4 scoops (depending on who is getting the bowl) of vanilla ice cream (probably the most underrated of ice creams). I used another spoon to make sure I got all of the peanut butter off the first spoon, a soup spoon. (we'll come back to that last statement) And it was good.
I decided to use the soup spoon as my own....to get the extra peanut butter. It's wider than the tea spoon and it rubbed against the inside of my mouth and was extremely uncomfortable. "ah, it's just wider than the teaspoon" I says to myself. It continued to be uncomfortable, almost hurt, but the peanut butter and the ice cream were so good, I didn't really pay attention until I saw a little bit of red mixed in with the vanilla. I grew concerned.
When I checked the mirror, sure enough there was about 1/2" cut on the inside corner of my mouth.
"HOLY SMOKES! Baby, I cut the inside of my mouth!" I yelled to J.
"OK, let's calm down and just get it to stop bleeding", I think,"but the ice cream is so good, can't I just handle it until I finish?"
I decide it's best to handle the loss of blood, which turned out to be minimal and I was able to finish my PB&IC (aka Peanut Butter and Ice Cream, if you can't follow along) after getting a tea spoon.
The soup spoon, in my opinion, had been sharpened by the tea spoon and that's what cut my mouth. J thinks I'm crazy, but I insist that's what happened. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

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