Thursday, August 02, 2007

I'll never be a "Top Chef"!

My wife bought some of those "snack size" microwave popcorn bags and the cooking time says one minute and a half or less. I took one to work on Wednesday and let it go for 1:30 exactly.

it burned

I took another one today and let it go for 1:20.................................IT BURNED AGAIN, DAGNABBIT!!!!!

Now, I'll never be able to get on one of those TV shows....unless maybe Food 911 gets revived....but I don't think they can get the fried chicken bucket away from that guy these days. He was my server at the Corona Applebee's the other wait, he was just on my TV doing a commercial for them.....but I think he is a server at that Applebee's over on McKinley. Maybe he should read this post and get an application from the above link.

Well, hopefully you've learned from my mistakes and give Tyler a good tip at Applebee's.

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J said...

Eek! Careful burning popcorn in the workplace. You don't want to be labeled as "that guy". It's almost as bad as being the chronic chair bumper...wink wink
Love Ya!