Thursday, March 13, 2008

Top Chef 4

Why is it that Top Chef has a lesbian with a faux hawk or mohawk hair do? And how did this girl's girlfriend get on there with her? I say both of them should go, but the faux hawk chick looks like she actually knows how to cook as opposed the girl from last year.

The good thing is that last night they got rid of the right person right away. Nissim bugged me from the get go. She was just whiny and anti-social. How do people like that get on the air? It almost makes me think I could be a "top chef". What am I saying? I can't even frost a cupcake for pete's sake!

I like the kid from New Zealand and the foul mouthed guy even though he's going to be going home soon....the one that's going to win is Richard....he does that "molecular gastronomy" crap that seems pretty cool. It's very much anti-caddywampus, but cool all the same.

Be Good and Be Good At It!

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