Monday, December 18, 2006


Ok, so this Saturday I worked a small Christmas Party Buffet for 16 people. The menu was Free Range Chicken (I noticed they were on the small side probably due to the fact they're not all genetically freaked out) in a wild mushroom and Cognac sauce, Potatoes gratin, and vegetables julienne. (Sorry, I left my camera at home....I'll remember next time)

Anyway, the food was great and the party was fun for the guests. I was working my tuccus off to make sure they were happy. I even did a beer run after I got all set up. I would complain about not getting a tip, but they customer was happy and the Events Coordinator hooked me up with a ton of food once I got back to the kitchen. A lot of my friends and co-workers ask me how this works and I thought I would take the time to have a catering workshop at the Caddywampus.

Usually, I just show up at the event and serve the food, but occasionally, I will get the call to do one by myself. (These are the ones that get the most questions.)

When I do the "solo" gig, I go to Pascal's and pick up a Cambro that gets stocked with the hors'd oeuvres, a tray of entree, and 2 sides. I will also get the lettuce and fixings to mix once I get there and put the dressing on the side or in the salad.

Once I arrive, I set up the buffet with the chaffing dishes brought in by the rental company or provided by the restaurant...these are pretty easy.

There ya go! I just set it up, let them know what it is and that it is ready and they're off to the feed bag.

The hard part is once the customer gets comfortable having a food server in the house, they have you jumping through hoops to get wine poured in all different directions, serving desserts, coffee and just keeping wine around. The other hard part is telling them you're leaving and they'll have to fend for themselves the rest of the night. (ha!)

It was a fun night and I'll re-live a conversation I had with the owner of Pascal's, Pascal Olhat, in a different post.

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