Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My second job

I have a second job as a server for a Pascal's Catering of Newport Beach, California. This is one of his busiest times of year too. So the best part for me is that when I'm serving I also have the opportunity to watch this chef of French styled cuisine. I haven't had the opportunity to ask him too many questions at this point. he seems a little unapproachable, but I'm hoping to overcome this fear. Yes, he is just a man, but he's a little kurt with people from time to time. I like him when I've had a normal conversation with him, but he really gets down to business when it is time to work.

The food is always amazing and this past weekend was no different. He was serving a seafood buffet from the grill. He did

I am hoping to post an interview with some photos of his food.

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